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USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drive Copy Protection

The core functionality of TrusCont USB Copy Protection is hardware based, providing the highest protection level.

Secure Flash Drive

Secure Flash Drive (TSFD) is specifically built for publishing software, documents, video games, and digital content.

TSFD Protection Toolkit

Use this software for protecting and duplicating data on Secure Flash Drives (TSFD).

TSFD Models

100 Models Available. Need a specific model not on this list? Let us know and we will get it for you.

TCPS System

TrusCont Content Publishing Sever fully supports all TrusCont copy protection products. Duplicate CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives.

Buy Online

Buy Blu-ray products, copy protected products, secure flash drives, enhanced DVD-R, Activation credits, TSFD licenses.


Write protection in hardware is the safest way to prevent end users from deleting, modifying and even formatting your data. It is also the perfect solution to protect your files against viruses and other malware infections. The write protection applied by TrusCont is device, file system, and OS independent. Your data is totally safe no matter where it is used. You can also partition the unused memory of the flash drive for end users’ general purpose use, and facilitate secure updates for your own protected data.
CD/DVD Emulation makes your flash drive behave as a CD/DVD medium. It enables true Autorun / Autoplay functionality also on older operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. A Perfect solution for quickly porting games, software, and multimedia applications distributed on CDs and DVDs to copy protected & secure USB flash drives. You can also partition the unused memory of the flash drive for end users’ general purpose use, and facilitate secure updates of your titles.

Professional grade USB Flash drives

USB Duplication, printing, packaging | Looking for a complete production service? Not a problem, upload your data and we will protect it, duplicate on your preferred media, print, package, and ship directly to your doorstep.

Duplication systems with built-in copy protection features Visit our duplication solutions page. We have various systems for in-house mass production of copy protected DVDs and USB flash drives.

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